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Welcome to Edo

IKI is a strategy board game set during the Edo-period in Japan (1603-1868). Edo was the name of Tokyo during that period. In the Nihonbashi area was located the most animated market of the city.

Along the main street of Nihonbashi, many storekeepers of various activities installed their shops and lured customers to do business.


Close to the main street, there was a fish market where boats arrived with their catch and where you could hear the voices of fish sellers and buyers.

Living in houses around the main street called Nagayas, craftsmen and merchants with various skills helped support the common people of Edo.

There are said to have been between 700 and 800 different professions in Edo at the time and many of these unique professions are featured on the cards in this game: lantern or folding fan makers, tatami makers, woodblock printers, street merchants, sushi and tempura sellers, geishas and kabuki actors.

2 - 4 players    14+    60 - 90min
A game by Koota Yamada    illustrated by David Sitbon
Fish tokens


Card 1

Goal of the game

Live an entire year in Edo and try to become the best Edokko, the “child of Edo”, by watching over the well-being and the prosperity of Edo and its citizens. Hire characters with various skills, make them work in the main street of Nihonbashi and increase their experience until they retire.

The winner is the player with the most IKI, a philosophical concept of the Edo period representing the ideal way of living a civic life.


How to play

A game of IKI lasts 13 rounds: the 12 first rounds correspond to the 12 months of the year and occur the same way. The 13th round represents New Year’s Day and is played differently. Each of the 12 months is divided in 3 phases:

Phase 1 « Way of Life » : players decide their position on the Ikizama track.

Phase 2 « Actions » : players A) Hire a Character or Gain Income, then B) move their Oyakata and do business in the main street.

Phase 3 « Event and end of turn » depends on the month:


Release date

Retail release date for IKI is planned for mid-2021.



Welcome to Nihonbashi

Eating in Edo

Building in Edo



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